Saturday, 21 November 2015

DIY Jar Flowers Tutorial

Sometimes from some old or unwanted stuff you can make something beautiful. I feel very good giving second life to my chocolate spread jar :)
I had a cute flower head band I have bought in the summer, but I have never wore it actually. I decided to use this head band instead of getting new fake flowers for my DIY. By cutting it in half I got enough flowers to make a small bouquet.  

Glue gun is very handy to have in a house. Its perfect for fixing or making, it is much better than any glues I have used. 
For decorating my jar I have used cotton twine I use for parcels. 
I put just a few drops of hot glue to fix twine to this glass jar.

Jar needs a good clean to get glue from labels off.

Glitter is always a good idea! I also used  glue gun to make gold glitter stick.

And this is it! Easy and fast DIY!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

DIY Christmas Gifts

I want to share with you some of the cool ideas for Christmas DIY projects.

This is one of my old projects

What I want to do next:

Glamour magazine freebie Eng + Russian review

Давно я не покупала журналы, есть интернет - нет проблем! 
Недавно предстояло довольно долгое путешествие и я решила себя побаловать глянцевыми страницами. Сразу решила выбрать Glamour, ведь кто откажется от freebie? Еще меня всегда привлекал очень компактные размер этого издания и разумная цена. 
Кто на обложке я сразу не сообразила... Только потом я прочитала что это Tanya Burr, очень знаменитая на весь YouTube блоггер. Я подписана на её канал, но видео смотрю крайне редко. То как она выглядит в Glamour меня как то разочаровало. Ощущение что она примерила на себя роль которую не смогла осилить.  
Что меня порадовало в этом журнале,  так это помада - пробник. Я давно люблю Clinique's  и решила протестировать этот продукт Clinique's Colour Pop Lipstick, Nude Pop.
Меня привлекло все, и цвет помады и упаковка. Помада очень приятная на губах, увлажняет как гигиеническая и держаться часов 5. В том случае если не пить и не есть. Для меня это идеальный вариант для работы. Если Бы я не имела еще помад 100 в моей коллекции то обязательно бы приобрела эту помаду в полном размере. 

For a long time I did not buy any magazines, I have internet!
Recently I had a long journey and I decided to treat myself to some glossy pages. Immediately I decided to choose the Glamour, because who refuses freebies? I also always liked a very compact size of this magazine and a very reasonable price.
Who was on the cover, I couldn't recognize ... But then I read that this is Tanya Burr, very popular YouTube blogger. I'm subscribed to her channel, but watch her videos very rarely. The way she looks in Glamour magazine for me was disappointing,  I felt like she had a role that she could not overpower.
What pleased me in this magazine, was the lipstick. I like Clinique's products and decided to test this one, its called Colour Pop Lipstick, Nude Pop.
I was attracted by all starting with the color of lipstick and packaging. Lipstick is very pleasant on the lips, moisturizes and stays for about 5 hours. In case if you do not drink or eat. For me it's perfect for when I`m at work. If I did not have about 100 other lipsticks in my collection I would have bought this one in original size..
You can find Glamour Magazine's December issue in your local newsagents and supermarkets for £2.00 - and each magazine contains one of the four miniature Clinique beauty freebies

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Givenchy Le Rouge Trio Review

I have heard so many good reviews about Givenchy’s newest range of lipsticks, Le Rouge. And now I have them so let me tell you what I think.  This little set is a perfect gift for a beauty addict because these are very pretty colors to have any season. They looks very nice  in silver-metal tubes wrapped in real black leather, This is such a luxurious and elegant looking lipstick, in silver-metal tubes wrapped in real black leather.
To get your hand on these Givenchy Le Rouge Trio you do need to be at the airport because this is travel-exclusive product from the brand available at selected airport locations. If you are not planning any trips anytime soon, you can find Givenchy Le Rouge  at Debenhams for £25 each.

The set includes shades :             
Le Rouge A Porter N° 103 Beige Plumetis 3,4 g 
 Le Rouge A Porter N° 203 Rose Avant-Garde 3,4 g 
 Le Rouge A Porter N° 204 Rose Perfecto 3,4 g 

What I really like about Le Rouge lipsticks 

  •  - Gorgeous packaging with real leather
  • - Well pigmented
  • - Wears at about ~5 hours
  • - Holds up through meals all right
  • - Does not suck up moisture from lips

The range of colours is fantastic and  it glides on my lips perfectly, no lip balm needed. Possibly my favorite lipstick ever. I would definitely recommend this product.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Zen by Shisedo Perfume for Women, Fragrance Review

This is my friends favorite perfume and I decided to test it on me for a day and write a little review about it. This is first perfume from Shiseido brand that I have tried so I had no expectations.
After doing a research about this perfume Zen if I have found out that this is a third version of Zen, following versions in 1964 and 2000 (designed by Michel Almairac).
Lets start with a packaging - I think cube bottle is actually very fancy and architectural. Gold is always a win win colour and  is a good match for the scent. But I also think that bottle is a little  inconvenient to carry in the handbag.
It was very hard to describe scent of this perfume. I can say that it's clean, elegant and fresh and good for everyday wear or even as signature. It is subtle and not overpowering. Good for the modern, sweet and sophisticated women. Usually i`m not a big fan of strong scents, but I must say that this one is very good.
At some point it really reminded me  Coco Mademoiselle and Chanel Chance.
This modern Zen versions are available at department stores wherever Shiseido is carried. 

fresh spicy

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Fur Pom Pom hair band, DIY


And my DIY

In my previous post you can find out how I make pom poms. 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Fur POM-POM ball keychains, DIY Tutorial

These are my inspirations but scroll down to see my tutorial!

What a cool and easy way to add a pop of style and excitement to autumn/winter look! 

I think this big trend started with brand Fendi some time ago and ever since this is a very fashionable accessory. 
And of course they don't come cheap in the high fashion. 
This is a perfect project for those smaller pieces of fur you might have left over from other projects or old clothes.
I will try to recreate this accessory without spending any money. Luckily I already have a piece of fur from my old coat and the rest of items I will need for this DIY. 

Fur (real or faux)
Key chain
Thread and needle
What I did:
I split piece of fur in half to make two pom poms. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle shape.
After I baste around the circle with a needle and embroidery thread.

I cinch the thread slightly so  fur forms a bowl shape, 
Very important is to stuff it with cotton balls or some fabric and tie the end for nice ball shape.
I found an old key chain and sewn pom pom to it. 

If you know how to sew (at leat some basics) this project will take no more than 10 minutes! I promise:) 
I love how it looks and compliments my new handbag. I will be making more fur key charms for sure! 
And the end result!