Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Primark Bargain £1 or less!

Don`t we all love a bargain?
Sometimes a good buy can make your day, and believe me I do know this feeling. 
I don`t go out everyday searching for a good deals but sometimes I very lucky to find something I like, for a good price. 
In this post I am going to share with you a few thing I got for £1 and less!!!
I don`t know if these things for such a small amount of money will surprise you, but they shore did surprised me a lot! 
Those things I didn`t get in just one day, they been bought over a long period of time. They all came from Primark.

My first buy was this lovely black cushion with a big bling in the middle. I got it a few months ago. I think it looks good on my leather chair. It wasn`t a very expensive item to start with, full price was only £3. At the tills I been told it was discounted to just £1. That was nice :) I think in shops like Primark sometimes you just don`t know what the real price will be and you need to wait until you get to the tills to find out. 

50p for a kitchen towels? Yes please! I still don't know how they can afford these prices but I have nothing against it. So it was nice to put all my old kitchen towels in a bin and replace them with my bargain ones. Thanks Primark! 

Kids warm and cozy socks for 50p. I think every parent would love some for this price! I do know they are very cheap in this store anyway but this price was a bit shocking! There is nothing wrong with them, I guess it might be an old stock... But socks are socks in the end of the day. 

I will post the rest of my Primark items for a £1 or less, so stay tuned and go shopping:)
What about you, are you lucky to get things and pay way less than original price? 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Arbonne Primer review

As much as I LOVE make up I actually never used primer on a daily basis. I can honestly say that is was a big mistake! After buying Arbonne Primer I have noticed a huge difference! It's such an amazing product! It is velvety soft and have no odor, goes on the skin like a layer of silk. Allows my your foundation or BB cream to slide on with perfection. 
Primer lasts perfect well throughout the day, keeping makeup on skin, more than any other brand primers I’ve tried. It also  keeps the skin hydrated and yet shine free.
 A dot is all you need, so this bottle will last all year and some more (: I love when A little goes a long way.
Product Description:
Vitamin-rich makeup primer visually diminishes fine lines and pores, creating a canvas for flawless makeup application.
I think packaging looks so classy and high-end.

Why am I so in love with Arbonne brand in general? This Picture will explain a lot.

I do realize that there are many wonderful vegan skin-care lines available now, but I recently discovered Arbonne and wanted to share it with you, since I am extremely happy with its products.
All products are sold through Arbonne independent consultants. If you want to purchase anything from they website online, send me an email x

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Essence - I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara Review

I been using Lancome and Dior mascaras for a really long time and decided to try drugstore product. I went for "Essence - I Love Extreme Crazy Volume"  I  wanted to have new mascara in a fun packaging because I got a little bit bored with designs of more expansive brands.
If you didn't know Essence brand is now available in Wilkinson, before I had to get Essence products when I went to Europe. This is not my last review about Essence products as I got a few things now in use.
 I think over the years this brand have improved loads, so it is worth trying.
So my thoughts on Essence - I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara. Price is super affordable only at £2.80. I think no one expects a good result for this money but it is actually a very good product.
I like how it adds volume and length and holds the curl. It is super dark mascara so it might not look good on everyone. When I first applied it i was so impressed, but as my day went on it did start to flake a little bit.

One thing I had to get used to is a size of a brush. It is a lot bigger than all my other brushes but it define`s so well and it`s made with short rubber bristles. Formula is a little to wet, so I always clean off excess product and don't blink for a few seconds.  

With this product I almost looks like I have lash extensions after just 2 coats. But you will need a good oily make up remover to take this mascara off. I don`t wear mascaras everyday so I don't mid spending a little bit longer to wash my eyes.  
Try it! You won't be disappointed for the price! And one more good thing about this mascara: it`s cruelty-free product.

The 'old' Essence wasn't always that good. But lately they have improved loads. - See more at:
The 'old' Essence wasn't always that good. But lately they have improved loads. - See more at:
The 'old' Essence wasn't always that good. But lately they have improved loads. - See more at:
The 'old' Essence wasn't always that good. But lately they have improved loads. - See more at:
The 'old' Essence wasn't always that good. But lately they have improved loads. - See more at:
The 'old' Essence wasn't always that good. But lately they have improved loads. - See more at:

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Peel Off Mask Review

Clearskin Blemish Clearing Peel Off Mask

Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Peel Off Mask, One more product for well under £10.
I been using different peel off masks for a really long time, they are my must have face product.  This is product that I use if I been really lazy and went to bed with my make up on. It happens only a few times a month, so I`m not that bad (Or I`m I?)
I like using this mask when my face feels oily and not so fresh. I think it smells a little bit strange but good thing is mask is not to hard to apply. Instructions say to let mask to dry overnight and peel off in the morning. I don't feel like sleeping with a face mask on so I peel it off after 20-25 minutes. If I take time to apply it evenly, once dried, it peels off almost whole. I have noticed how smooth my skin feels after it, I really hope after using it for longer my pores will become smaller.

 Sometimes it gets a bit messy around the lid. It's really easy to clean, though just peel off the dried gel just like you'd peel it off your face.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner Review

More about my new skin care.
If you have read my previous post than you will know that I`m trying a new skin care routine with a little twist, I had to spend only £10 on all of it. I have already talked about first product I have bought - Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
This blog post is going to be about my next productfrom Nivea.

Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner
For a good skin care routine face Toner is very important. It tighten the skin and pores and remove oil and soothes skin. It is good to use toner in the morning and before bed.
So about this product, it has a new design but same formula. I think it looks very simple but very nice. It says that it contains Vitamins E & Hydra IQ. I looked at the Ingredients at the back and didn't see Vitamin E there. I`m I right?

I have noticed that this toner has a strong perfume smell (signature Nivea scent)but it is good to know that Perfume is actually the last ingredient.. Toner also contains alcohol, and it`s fine by me. I remember once tried an alcohol-free toner, and found that it didn't give me that refreshing, clean feeling...
Toner gets rid of the last bits of make up but dries my skin out just a little bit. Honestly I would say don't buy it unless your skin is very strong. I really doubt that  I will repurchase it.

So now  I`m looking for a new toner, do you have any suggestions? What shall I try next?

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Skin care for under £10

I see beauty bloggers blogging mostly about very expensive beauty products, do they really never use cheaper products? I am sure they do, but I have noticed the cheaper is a beauty product the more negative comments blogger gets. If blogger is talking about drugstore make up, for example, he will get comments like: "You really don't love yourself if you using drugstore!", "Can you not afford something better?",  "This is bad for you and not cool to use!". I think its wrong!
 I don't consider myself a beauty blogger so I blog about everything I want (;
For the last few months I been using Clinique 3-Step kit and it was very good, my skin got more even and  pores looked smaller. When my Clinique product run out I decided to try something new and a lot cheaper. I went to town and got a few products for under £10.
It has been a around 10 days of me using them and I will do another review in November.
In this post I will tell about one of my new cheap skin care products.
Product that I knew I need to get was - Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I got it  from my local supermarket for just £1.

Why olive oil?
 About a year ago one of my friends started using it as a night cream and she was super happy. She has been telling me to try it a few times but I always had some kind of excuse. I was surprised that there are so many different ways to use it (thanks Google), some of the ways are :
To use olive oil as makeup remover in the evening and as a night cream. Also Olive oil bath for nails will straighten them and olive oil hair mask will make hair softer and shinier.
I really like using oil as a makeup remover, I put a little bit on a wet cotton pad and wipe away all makeup. I like how it feels under my eyes, skin is moisturized and very refreshed and it`s perfect for a cold weather. 
So olive oil is my really big and great find this month, I`m pretty sure I wont be disappointed in the results after one month.
I am using  Morrisons Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250m

Olive oil is very rich in vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids. Olive oil is a powerful ingredient of anti-aging skin care products; rich in antioxidants, it prevents skin aging, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, it also nourishes, rejuvenates and protects the skin.

Monday, 6 October 2014

"I love fall" Tag!

The Questions:

1 Favorite Fall lip product?
My favorite Fall lip product is Lip balm with fruit fragrance called Tropical Fruits. It has lovely fruity fragrance and contains UV filters. It glides on smooth and moisturizes lips just the way i like it. It is made by brand called DZINTARS. This company has become the largest manufacturer of biocosmetics and perfumery in the Baltics. I been using this brand lip care products since I was a little girl.

2 Favorite Fall Nail Polish?
At the moment I`m loving Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer. I think  color is vivid and bright, really pops out and shows off my nails very well. Mine is Number 25, Patent Poppy. They really look like professional gel nails but unfortunately they don't last like them.

3 Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink? At the moment I enjoy drinking green tea. I haven't tried it from Starbucks yet, but I think I must!
4 Favorite Fall Candle?
 I love Primark candles. At the moment my favorite is Coconut&Vanilla cream scented candle. So if you don`t like to spend a fortune on candles try Primark range, it wont let you down. Very soon I will be getting a Christmas Spice scented candle and Cinnamon stick candle.
5 Favorite Fall Scarf or accessory? 
I love scarfs any time of the year. Maybe thats why my favorite fall accessory's are super soft and cozy socks. They never last as long as my normal socks, so I need to get some new ones for this season.

6 Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
 Haunted house
7 Favorite Halloween movie? 
None, horror films are not for me, plus they give me nightmares.
8 Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?
I love marshmallows!

9 What are you dressing up as for Halloween?!
 I haven't decided yet but I really want to have some fun and scary face paint, I want it more than a fancy outfit. I will spend some time watching YouTube and learning  Halloween make up tricks and tips. More than likely i will be a witch :-) 
10 What is your Favorite thing about Fall? 
My favorite thing about fall is a beautiful nature, trees are always beautiful in the fall. Leaves have some incredible colors, being outdoors in the fall is always lovely, as long as it`s not raining.
 Thanks :)
Feel free to tag yourself.