Saturday, 10 October 2015

What to do in PARIS

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All items from Zara Paris
Jeans - River Island 


Monday, 19 January 2015

Micro T-Bar Scooter review

I am very happy that last year I have discover Micro T-Bar Scooter. I think it was the best Christmas present for my 3 year old daughter. This scooter is a real life saver!
This scooter is Swiss designed and engineered and has 3 wheels. I think it is amazing that an adjustable handlebar height meaning the scooter will grow with my child.
At £100 it's not the cheapest scooter on the market but I know it`s the best one for us. Our previous scooter was 3 times cheaper and it was really hard to use, so after a few tries it was left in a shed...
I know that online you can design your own scooter by choosing different colors for handle grip, steam, deck, mud guard. I think it is an amazing idea!
Our shooter is Maxi T-Bar: Raspberry Pink and it was from John Lewis. It does say that Maxi Micro scooter is suitable for ages 6-12 but it`s perfect even for a tree year old as well. Because it is so high quality it will last for many years to come.  
With this scooter our walks became longer I don't need to take a pushchair and my daughter has so much fun on it. I think it took her maybe two weeks to master it and learn braking using the foot brake. This scooter goes perfectly over bumps compering to the other one we had.
As you can see by looking at this picture our scooter is used a lot. I went in muddy puddles a few times...

Another big plus for me was very easy assemble. I was expecting a lot of details in a box but when I have opened it it contained only two pieces: handle bar and base,  the handle bar slides into the base. Once you hear the click your done.


I would buy this over again in a heartbeat, this scooter is well worth the money. 

P.S: This is not a sponsored post but my honest opinion :-)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Philips Facial Tanner Review

I love summer, so at winter time when sun is not shining as bright I`m counting days till summer or dream about holiday somewhere hot. I have found a really good solution to get my sun rays and have a bit of tan on my face.
So this post is about facial tanner from Philips. I have never thought that one day I`m going to have one, to be honest. But I really like an idea about maintaining golden tan at home all year round.
I have bought it on Facebook for a really good price a few weeks ago. 
He has a very compact size (about 30 * 40cm), so it`s  easy to store - it fits easily in almost any wardrobe. It is made of plastic so it`s not heavy at all.
In addition, the stand facial tanner is a built-in timer, which is very convenient - no need to constantly look at the clock during the procedure - after the set time on the timer solarium off automatically.

I`m really happy to have this tanner at home, I don`t use it more than two times a week, I love tanning in the morning, it helps we to wake up and look better. I can see improvements on my skin now, all little spots are slowly going away!

Very important benefit of using my face tanner is getting vitamin D, it`s very important because:
Vitamin D is essential for good health.It lowers the risk of everyday infections like cold and flu as well as more fatal diseases, high blood pressure, Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and depression.
Sunlight is the most effective way for the body to manufacture Vitamin D - indoor or outdoor.
6 out of 10 adults in the UK are Vitamin D deficient.
Studies suggest that regular, moderate use of sunbeds will raise the levels of Vitamin D in healthy adults by an average of 40%

Sunbed use can improve psychological well being – it can increase confidence and self-esteem whilst also offering a source of relaxation.e
It can help to alleviate the symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or Winter Blues. Many people experience depressive symptoms during Winter and these symptoms can be reduced through moderate sunbed use.
UV light can help to improve various skin conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema and Acne.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Cargo Lip Gloss Review

New Year new things. I have decided to try some new everyday lip glosses. I needed something small to have on me all the time, in my pocket or in my bag.
In the cold season my lips are always getting chipped and need a lot more moisture, so now I try not use lipsticks because very often they are making my lips more dry.
If I want to try some new makeup or skin care I go to TK Maxx. They always have a big variety of brands and prices are very affordable. I had a look at many lip products in this shop and ended up with two beautiful Cargo lip glosses. They are called: Tokyo(red) and Bourbon Street. 
Size of these glosses are perfect for me. I think they look very simple but nice at the same time. 

After a few days using only Cargo lip glosses I can say that you don't need any lipstick or lip liner under it to make lips look fuller. I have noticed that color is changing in a light a little bit. There was no bad taste or scent and a little dab goes a really long way.  I`m very happy with my purchase and planning to get some more different colors of this gloss.So if you are looking for a moisturizing and long lasting lip gloss try this one.

The name CARGO comes from the idea that makeup is every woman's "cargo."
CARGO is Canadian company founded in 1996 by Hana Zalzal.
. A signature of the brand is their oversize metal tins of lip gloss.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

What to Expect From 2015, The Year of The Goat

As some of you may or may not know, 2015 is the year of the sheep. This is according to Chinese calendar. I find they're calendar very interesting and useful.  
The Chinese year of the Goat (Sheep) 2015 will start on February 19, 2015 (according to the lunar calendar).
Lucky Colors in 2015: purple, vermeil;
Lucky Numbers in 2015: 1, 2, 7
Best months of 2015: July, August, September, October, November and December
 The Sheep is the symbol of the Arts. It relates to passive and nurturing times. And I heard that year of 2015 will be rich in positive emotions and intoxicating amorous affairs. Sheep is one of Chinese favorite animals they believe it`s very lucky.
If you live on a farm and have a real sheep consider yourself lucky this year. If you don`t live in the countryside get yourself a sheep souvenir for luck in 2015.

I got this cute animal as a gift. It was hand made and has a little bell. I think this cute little sheep will live at my desk and will bring me luck all year round.
This year I will put some time and effort in making more DIY things. I love all hand made stuff as it is so original and special.

My other symbolic souvenir is this amazing bar of soap. It is made from natural ingredients (raw materials),  such as olive oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, sea buckthorn oil “shea” oil, cocoa-oil, essential oils, flower petals, coffee, oats, various seeds, salt, water and mud from the Dead Sea, and other gifts of nature. It is made by Latvian brand called “Jāņa ziepes”. 
Many astrologists conclude from the conditions of 2015 that the processes that have been unfolding and spreading chaos for the past few years are finally wrapping up; both political and economic situations in the world are starting to stabilize

I wish all of you a Happy 2015!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Primark Bargain £1 or less!

Don`t we all love a bargain?
Sometimes a good buy can make your day, and believe me I do know this feeling. 
I don`t go out everyday searching for a good deals but sometimes I very lucky to find something I like, for a good price. 
In this post I am going to share with you a few thing I got for £1 and less!!!
I don`t know if these things for such a small amount of money will surprise you, but they shore did surprised me a lot! 
Those things I didn`t get in just one day, they been bought over a long period of time. They all came from Primark.

My first buy was this lovely black cushion with a big bling in the middle. I got it a few months ago. I think it looks good on my leather chair. It wasn`t a very expensive item to start with, full price was only £3. At the tills I been told it was discounted to just £1. That was nice :) I think in shops like Primark sometimes you just don`t know what the real price will be and you need to wait until you get to the tills to find out. 

50p for a kitchen towels? Yes please! I still don't know how they can afford these prices but I have nothing against it. So it was nice to put all my old kitchen towels in a bin and replace them with my bargain ones. Thanks Primark! 

Kids warm and cozy socks for 50p. I think every parent would love some for this price! I do know they are very cheap in this store anyway but this price was a bit shocking! There is nothing wrong with them, I guess it might be an old stock... But socks are socks in the end of the day. 

I will post the rest of my Primark items for a £1 or less, so stay tuned and go shopping:)
What about you, are you lucky to get things and pay way less than original price? 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Arbonne Primer review

As much as I LOVE make up I actually never used primer on a daily basis. I can honestly say that is was a big mistake! After buying Arbonne Primer I have noticed a huge difference! It's such an amazing product! It is velvety soft and have no odor, goes on the skin like a layer of silk. Allows my your foundation or BB cream to slide on with perfection. 
Primer lasts perfect well throughout the day, keeping makeup on skin, more than any other brand primers I’ve tried. It also  keeps the skin hydrated and yet shine free.
 A dot is all you need, so this bottle will last all year and some more (: I love when A little goes a long way.
Product Description:
Vitamin-rich makeup primer visually diminishes fine lines and pores, creating a canvas for flawless makeup application.
I think packaging looks so classy and high-end.

Why am I so in love with Arbonne brand in general? This Picture will explain a lot.

I do realize that there are many wonderful vegan skin-care lines available now, but I recently discovered Arbonne and wanted to share it with you, since I am extremely happy with its products.
All products are sold through Arbonne independent consultants. If you want to purchase anything from they website online, send me an email x